Cleaning Service FAQs

Do I need to provide cleaning equipment and products?

No. We bring all of our own supplies and equipment. We use standard household cleaners rather than industrial ones. We use SEBO vacuum cleaners, which have hospital-grade HEPA filters. We use microfiber rags which are color-coded to the areas they are used in. For instance, we will never use a bathroom rag in your kitchen!

In terms of price/quality, how does Brothers Cleaning Services compare to other cleaning services?

Brothers Cleaning Services generally charges a bit more than private housekeepers. We pay worker’s compensation and insurance. We also require background checks and drug screening of all our staff.

Our housekeepers wear Brothers uniforms and drive Brothers vehicles as a way of assuring that you can trust the staff in your home. Our goal is quality, consistency, and reliability. All of this represents good value to you, our customer.

Does Brothers charge extra for first-time cleanings?

Yes. First-time cleanings almost always take a bit longer — sometimes a LOT longer. Some of this is because our team has to learn the “lay of the land” and establish a routine for your house. More often, it is because we are cleaning “old dirt” rather than “new dirt.” We’ll be cleaning all the areas that simply have gotten away from you (which is generally why you are calling us in the first place!). Our subsequent visits will be to maintain what we have detail-cleaned the first time out.

How does Brothers charge for its cleaning services?

Recurring (weekly, bi-weekly) cleaning services account for over 80% of our total revenue. Most of those services are performed on a fixed-fee basis, after our housekeeping supervisor does an on-site visit with you and determines your individual needs. Most occasional or one-time house cleanings are performed based on hourly rates. We’re always happy to arrange for an estimate for you.

Does Brothers provide cleaning equipment & supplies?

Our cleaning supplies are primarily residential cleaning products that are generally rather mild. Some of our homes that need heavier duty cleaning (mold/mildew/rust stains, water spots) require that we use something that will actually work (Tilex, CLR, etc.). We’re happy to let you know ahead of time if we need to use something like this — just ask us. Please let us know if any family members have any allergy issues or if you have pets that may require isolation.

Special product requests: If you have a special request for a specific product we do not carry, we are happy to use that product (with instruction!) We do ask that you supply the product and leave it out for us on your scheduled day.

How many people will clean my home?

That depends on the route you are on. It will be a minimum of two, maximum of three. Occasionally, there may be a need to have a fourth but it will only be in the event that we need to train a new team member.

Do all your housekeepers speak English?

No. But at least one person on every team speaks and reads English. Many of our housekeeping clients are not at home when their team is in their house, so it is rarely a problem. Please know that Brothers recognizes the value in having our staff persons able to communicate with our customers, and we are committed to making that a part of our training programs.

Will the same team come each time?

We try. We assure you that at least one member of the team will be familiar with your house. Most of our staff is part time, and they have commitments outside of work. Children get sick, cars break down; people need time off for vacations, dentist appts., etc. Brothers recognizes that folks have lives outside of work and we offer our staff adequate amounts of PTO to manage that. It helps us retain committed people. We do our best to schedule appropriately around such things so as to not impact our customers, but sometimes it simply cannot be helped. If we have to send a new team to your home, our housekeeping supervisor takes them and personally walks them through the house (she is familiar with every single one of them).

How do I pay?

We strive to have clear and fair pricing policies in place. We offer several ways of paying your bill:

  1. You may leave a check/cash each time.
  2. You may keep your credit card on file with our office and we’ll send you a monthly paid statement.
  3. You may be billed monthly and either send us a check or call with a credit card.
    We also offer discounted pre-payment plans for certain contractual services. Call us for more information.

Are there things you won’t do as part of the cleaning service?

  • We do not take spots out of carpet and upholstery. We are not trained to do this, so we offer a partner service that is. Ask us about him!
  • We won’t go higher than a step ladder to dust or clean high areas.
  • We won’t cleanup after any health issues you may be managing at home. Our staff is not trained to handle/dispose of needles, uncontained diapers, specimen bottles, etc., and all medicines should be put away prior to our arrival.
  • We don’t move heavy furniture. Due to risk of injury to our staff and risk of damage to your furniture/flooring, we ask that if you need under or behind something large cleaned, you move the item prior to our arrival.

What makes Brothers better?

We are better managed. We have a dispatch office in Longmont where our teams meet every morning to pick up keys, work orders, vehicles, and special instructions. We have training sessions bi-weekly and we believe in continuous improvement. We provide our teams with good equipment, adequate supplies, and safe well-marked vehicles. We analyze our price structure to make sure our customers are getting the best value for our services. We care about our customers and their homes as if they were our own. We pay attention to and “manage the details!”

Do I need to be home when my house is being cleaned?

No. As long as you provide us with access, we can usually be more efficient if you are not home. Unless you request maid service, we ask that you make sure clutter is picked up, clothes/laundry are put away, linens are left out (if you need them changed), and pets contained if necessary. Valuables should be in a safe place (particularly if breakable). If you are going to be home, we’ll do our best to work so that we keep the disruption to a minimum. If children are home, it is best to occupy them in a particular room while we are there, so that we don’t have to manage working around them.

What if I need to cancel?

We know that things happen. We schedule your time/day especially for you. But just like occasionally unforeseen circumstances arise on our end, we realize it can happen to you as well. We ask that as often as possible, you give us 48 hours notice so that we may fill your slot and keep our teams busy. We won’t charge you for an emergency situation, but if you cancel last minute or forget to allow us access to your home, we charge a fee for our lost time, fuel, etc.

What if Brothers staff breaks or damages something?

While we make every effort not to break items, accidents do happen. For this reason, we request that all irreplaceable items (whether monetarily or sentimentally valued) be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff. Anything of extraordinary value should never be left where the possibility exists for an accident to happen. Should Brothers staff break or damage items, we will seek to repair or replace the items, limited to 100Dirhams. Depending on the circumstances, we may issue a service credit rather than repair or replace items. If there is an accident, our staff is instructed to leave a note for you if you are not home. They fill out a damage report upon returning to the office and our staff here will contact you. Brothers must be notified within 48 hours of service if damage is discovered.

Do you offer Maid Service?

Yes. Some of our customers want to include Maid Service with their weekly cleaning. Maid Service refers to the type of cleaning you experience when staying at a hotel. Turning down beds, making beds, putting clothes away, and more. If you are interested in having maid service be a part of your house cleaning service, just let us know.