About Brothers Cleaning Services

About Brothers Cleaning Services

We know you have many choices when looking for a cleaning company.  There will always be someone cheaper when it comes to the service industry.  We believe that often times, such savings comes with risk to you.  We believe you get what you pay for, and believe that we offer superior value, often exceeding the price paid.

We know first-hand how important your home is to you.  For most people, it is the most valuable material asset you have, and maintaining its value is directly tied to keeping it clean and tidy. We also know that it is often daunting to keep up with jobs, children, pets, and home maintenance, and still find time for enjoying life.

We are also a small business, with a small office that allows our administrative and management staff a home base for providing the best possible service to our customers.  We do this by answering our phone in person as often as feasible, by maintaining organized and professional records of customer information, and by providing meeting and training facilities for our staff to continually improve our work.  We also recognize that our office needs cleaning on a regular basis, just like yours.

We are here to help.  We hope that we can assure you that we are trustworthy enough to be invited to clean your home or office by being a responsible, progressive, and proactive partner in your life.

Following are a few of those initial assurances:

  • Our cleaners are employees of Brothers Cleaning services, not subcontractors.  We do not pay “by the house or office,” so our teams are not rushing through their work to get to the next one.
  • All of our cleaning associates are documented.
  • We carry Worker’s compensation insurance for our employees, and are cost contained
  • We carry liability insurance.
  • We have high employee retention.
  • Cleaning associates participate in regular performance reviews.
  • Cleaning associates are expected to follow strict conduct guidelines while in your home/office.